Adding an XMPP Password to a Specific Number

Really, there's not a lot to this one. But, this is how you set the XMPP password / enable XMPP on a phone number




  • token (string, required)
  • did_id (int, required)
  • password (string, required)

Note: You can get your did_id by sending a GET request to

Info: By setting a password you also enable XMPP on the number. Once enabled, users can log in from any XMPP client by using entering: Username: The phone number (some clients expect Password: The password you set Host / Hostname / Domain:

So, if your number is 5555555555 and your password is SillyPassword you would enter 5555555555 for the username, SillyPassword for the password and for the host. If no host field is available in the client, this typically means that it expects the host name to go in the username field. In these cases, the username would be

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