Incoming Call URL

Use this to set the call URL for your number.

The service has two ways to set a URL for a call:

  • during a Call Flow (set in the portal)

  • via an API call

The first time you activate a DID for the call API it may take a 30 seconds;, subsequent changes will be instant.

Call Flow

From the portal you can set a Call Flow to route to a URL when needed. This allows you to add several routing methods, if desired.

A potential use case is to use a Hunt Group to route to your URL only after it has exhausted SIP URIs.

By API Call

URI: /user/dids/callapi

Supported Operations: HTTP POST

Sets the URL for a specific phone number to route to when needed.

Request Parameters




Your customer API Token


The phone number to set the URL for or none to set no url.


The HTTP/HTTPS URL to set route the call to.

Example CURL call:

curl -X POST \
-d 'token = API_Token' \
-d 'did = phone_number' \
-d 'url = http_url'