Call Queue


Call Queue is a feature that allows callers (A leg) to be placed in a Queue, hearing background music or announcement (text to speech) while waiting to get connected to called party (B leg). This is one of the most commonly needed features to build any kind of Inbound Contact Center solution.

The Call Queue solution built on top of the calls.teleapi Platform exposes API’s that developers can leverage to create simple Contact Center solution. A Queue stores incoming calls in First In First Out (FIFO) order (let’s call those callers customers). The queue then connects first caller in queue to a callee (let’s call that one an agent).

Unique Features of Call Queue

  • Create as many queues as you want. For example, the Support Team can have its own Queue and Sales its own.

  • Developers can create IVR in front via Visual Designer collecting input from users like “Press 1 for Support and 2 for Sales” and intelligently route the caller to correct queue based on input received!

  • For Agents joining the call queue, developers can create RVD applications that can Authenticate Agent via password (DTMF) before letting Agent join queue.

Basically via Visual Designer developers can add any business logic they want before placing call in queue.