Call APIs

Welcome to the Call APIs Documentation

REST API Overview

Call APIs power the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and represent a wide range of operations that enable you to create programmable Voice and SMS applications. You can use the REST APIs to create enterprise applications that focus on your users needs. The REST APIs are implemented on the HTTP protocol, so you can use them with your preferred programming language and tools.

REST API Capabilities

A REST API client should support the following:

  • HTTPS and basic authentication

  • HTTP GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests

  • Ability to set and read request and response headers

  • XML or JSON responses

API Endpoint

The base for all the API urls is:

Supported HTTP Methods

GET: Lists or reads objects and includes the information needed to perform any Read operations on the object. Sample use: list all of the applications under your Platform account.

POST/PUT: Creates or updates objects. Most requests using the POST/PUT method require JSON/XML in the request body. Sample use: modify a Client under your Platform account.

DELETE: Removes objects. Sample use: delete an application or client under your Platform account.


Call APIs use basic HTTP authentication to restrict access to API endpoints to authenticated users only. After you sign up with Platform, you can find your Call API SID Token and API Token by navigating to My Account in the control console.