Reseller - Get


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  • token (required)
  • reseller_id (required)


Get info on the requested reseller.

Example Success

"code": 200,
"status": "success",
"data": {
"id": "12345",
"postpay": "no",
"master_id": "98765",
"reseller_id": null,
"user_type": "reseller",
"username": "test-1",
"email": "[email protected]",
"first_name": "J",
"last_name": "M",
"phone_number": "3035557389",
"address": "123 broadway",
"city": "Denver",
"state": "CO",
"zip": "80112",
"user_status": "active",
"low_balance_amount": "5.00",
"credit_line": "20.00",
"chanlimit_outbound": "1",
"chanlimit_inbound": "10",
"max_international": "0.200000",
"sms_post_url": "",
"sms_delivery_url": null,
"web_hook_url": null,
"fees_percent": "0.118300000",
"did_sbc": "",
"restricted": "no",
"sso_key": "14b08d59-a060-4f62-ba31-70426a247ad6",
"brand": "Test 1",
"domain": "test1",
"direct_support": 0

Example Error

About the closest thing you should ever see to an error here is if you provide a reseller_id which doesn't match your user id.
"code": 400,
"status": "error",
"data": "Invalid reseller id"