Submit Number

Full Url:
  • token (string, required)
  • numbers (stringified JSON array, required)
  • enable_sms (optional, 'yes' or 'no', defaults to 'yes')
  • campaign_id (optional, 7-char upper alphanumeric identity prefixed with the letter 'C')
Info: This will submit an offnet insert job. Please note that if you do not wish to have the SMS enabled on the number make sure to send it with enable_sms=no -- otherwise it will enable SMS, negating any previous SMS setup the numbers have already and possibly causing downtime.
The campaign_id paramater allows offnet load numbers with an associated campaign id.
SMS provisioning could take up to 15 minutes. Please wait at least 15 minutes before using the number or assigning to a campaign.
"success": [
"fail": {
"555555555": "Invalid USA/CAN number",
"5555555554": "Number already loaded"
"jobid": 123