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  • token (string, required)

  • numbers (string of comma separated numbers, required)

  • btn (int, required)

  • location_type (business or residential)

  • business_contact (string, required if location_type == business)

  • business_name (string, required if location_type == business)

  • first_name (string, required if location_type == residential)

  • last_name (string, required if location_type == residential)

  • account_number (string, required)

  • service_address (string, required)

  • service_city (string, required)

  • service_state (string, required)

  • service_zip (string, required)

  • signature (base64 encoded PNG of the signature)

  • partial_port (1 for true, 0 for false, required)

  • partial_port_details (string, required if partial_port == 1)

  • wireless_number (1 for true, 0 for false, required)

  • wireless_pin (string, required if wireless_number == 1)

  • caller_id (string, optional)

  • bill_file (base64 encoded file, optional)

  • bill_name (string, required if bill_file present)

Info: This is a big one, huh? Yeah.. Unfortunately LNP isn't exactly an easy process. But, we do what we can to help you along. Let's see, numbers should a comma separated list of numbers. btn is the billing telephone number on the order. Other than that, read the above arguments list, it specifies all of the gotcha's here. Probably want to POST this one.

Example Success

"code": 200,
"status": "success",
"data": {
"id": 53,
"btn": 5555555555,
"location_type": "business"
"business_contact": "Bobby McFrobby",
"business_name": "Bob's Teleco",
"first_name": null,
"last_name": null,
"account_number": "123456",
"service_address": "123 Some Street",
"service_city": "Englewood",
"service_state": "CO",
"service_zip": "80112",
"partial_port": 0,
"partial_port_details": null,
"wireless_number": 0,
"wireless_pin": null,
"caller_id": null,
"foc_date": null,
"numbers": [
{ "number": "5555555555" },
{ "number": "5555555544" }

Example Error

"code": 400,
"status": "error",
"data": "location_type must be business or residential"