Enum - Brand Identity Statuses

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Enumeration of brand identity statuses. [ "SELF_DECLARED", "UNVERIFIED", "VERIFIED", "VETTED_VERIFIED", ]
The 4 statuses are defined as follow:
  • SELF_DECLARED - This is for sole proprietors that are declaring information about their identity. Their identity is not validated by TCR.
  • UNVERIFIED - For brands that register with TCR, but due to incorrect or incomplete information, TCR is unable to verify the brand identity. Brands can move from unverified to verified by updating their information and going through the verification process again.
  • VERIFIED - The brand was registered with TCR and TCR is able to successfully verify the brand information.
  • VETTED_VERIFIED - A brand can acquire this status by either applying or importing a 3rd party STANDARD class vet. The vetted and verified status may grant brand access to more use-cases, higher rate limits across participating MNO networks.

Example Success

code: 200,
status: "success",