Campaign - Create

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  • token (required)
  • brand_id (required)
  • vertical (required)
  • usecase (required)
  • description (required, min length 40 characters)
  • sub_usecases (optional, example ['2FA', 'SECURITY_ALERT'])
  • reseller_id (optional)
  • embedded_link (optional)
  • embedded_phone (optional)
  • number_pool (optional, boolean, default false)
  • age_gated (optional, boolean, default false)
  • direct_lending (optional, boolean, default false)
  • subscriber_optin (required, boolean)
  • subscriber_optout (required, boolean)
  • subscriber_help (required, boolean)
  • sample1 (required, min length 20 characters)
  • sample2 (optional, min length 20 characters)
  • sample3 (optional, min length 20 characters)
  • sample4 (optional, min length 20 characters)
  • sample5 (optional, min length 20 characters)
  • message_flow (required, min length 40 characters)
  • help_message (required, min length 20 characters)
  • optout_message (required, min length 20 characters)
  • mno_ids (optional, example [10037,10043]
  • reference_id (optional)
  • auto_renewal (optional, boolean, default true)
  • affiliate_marketing (optional, boolean, default false)


Creates a new TCR campaign. If the submitted campaign request meets the requirement for at least one MNO, the Campaign is provisioned in TCR and the campaign registration fee will be charged to the customer account. The newly created campaign is assigned a 'campaign_id' in TCR. Additionally, the JSON response contains MNO metadata pertaining to the submitted campaign. Please refer to the response JSON data structure description for more information about MNO metadata. Standard use-case campaigns are approved upon submission while some special use-case campaigns require manual approval by MNOs. You can query for campaign MNO operation status via an API call to /campaign/operation/status.

Example Success

code: 200,
status: "success",
data: {