Brand - Get feedback

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  • token (required)
  • brand_id (required)


Retrieve the brand feedback details by the unique identifier assigned to the brand. Invoke this API after the brand creation/revet. For the blocking version of brand creation/revet, retrieve feedback details immediately. For the non-blocking version of brand creation/revet, retrieve feedback details after the brand scoring task is complete, which means CSP must wait for the BRAND_SCORE_UPDATE webhook notification event. Following are the applicable category IDs:
  • TAX_ID - Data mismatch related to tax id and its associated properties.
  • STOCK_SYMBOL - Non public entity registered as a public for profit entity or the stock information mismatch.
  • GOVERNMENT_ENTITY - Non government entity registered as a government entity. Must be a U.S. government entity.
  • NONPROFIT - No IRS 501c tax-exempt status found.
  • OTHERS - Details of the data misrepresentation if any.

Example Success

code: 200,
status: "success",