Submit Campaign

Full Url


  • token (required)
  • brand_id (required)
  • campaign_id (required)
  • campaign_description (optional)
  • start_date - required (EX. 2021-01-01T00:00:00.000Z )
  • is_solep - optional, boolean, default 0 (EX. 1 or 0) - is the campaign a sole proprietor one or not


This method allows you to submit campaigns directly registered with TCR. This is the second step of the number assign/remove flow. This API call is required before making the Assign Numbers API call.
NOTE: It takes up to 2 minutes for campaigns to be provisioned before you can assign numbers.

Example Success

code: 200,
status: "success",
data: "The campaign was successfully submitted"

Example Error

"code": 400,
"status": "error",
"data": "Invalid campaign id"