Get SMS Records

Get SMS CDR Records for a Specific Time Period.

Get Information

[start_date] would be month-day-year or 04-24-2017 [end_date] would be month-day-year or 04-26-2017
Optional: direction=inbound to get inbound SMS records[start]/[end]?token=XXXXXX&direction=inbound
Optional: source=5555555555 to get only records for source number 5555555555. Can be mixed with destination=...[start]/[end]?token=XXXXXX&source=5555555555
Optional: destination=5555555555 to get only records for destination number 5555555555. Can be mixed with source=...[start]/[end]?token=XXXXXX&source=5555555555[start]/[end]?token=XXXXXX&source=5555555555&destination=4444444444
Optional: canada=yes to get only records sent to Canadian destinations[start]/[end]?token=XXXXXX&canada=yes
Optional: extra_data=yes to get the carrier and penalty surcharge[start]/[end]?token=XXXXXX&extra_data=yes
Full Sample URL:
curl -v -X GET ""
PHP + Curl
$start_date = "04-24-2017";
$end_date = "04-26-2017";
$baseurl = "";
$baseurl .= $start_date."/".$end_date."/?token=XXXX";
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
$retval = curl_exec($ch);
$object = json_decode($retval);

Responses from API

Successful Download

This is a sample of what to expect from the API. If you open this in a web browser, it will download a file for you.
date gmt,source,destination,direction,type,cost
2017-04-22 00:15:30,7205551212,3035551212,out,sms,0.003500

Invalid Date Range

The code may return an empty set if the date range cannot get a result.

Failed to Download

"error":"invalid date"