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Unassign # 911 Alert Group


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  • token (string, required)

  • e911_id (int, required if did_id or did_number not sent)

  • did_id (int, required if e911_id or did_number not sent)

  • did_number (int, required if did_id e911_id not sent)

  • group_id (int, optional)


Unassociate a 911 Alert Group from a 911 entry. Both will still exist, they just won't be connected anymore

This API expects to find one or more of the following; e911_id, did_id, or did_number.

Example Success

"code": 200,
"status": "success",
"data": "Successfully removed group from 911 service"

Example Error

"code": 500,
"status": "error",
"data": "Could not remove group from 911 service"
"code": 400,
"status": "error",
"data": "Must supply did_id or e911_id or did_number"